Use WSAD to navigate,rotate character with mouse and left mouse button to shoot. ESC to bring up menu options. Use full screen mode for better gameplay.

Elvis is now of age to become an elf, but He does the one thing He is not supposed to do on Christmas eve, sleep. He is now cursed with the zzzZ. Play as His subconscious as He faces his fears.

If you would love to see further improvements in the game or leave a feedback, please do so in the comments.

Made with unity3d under comphonia

GenreStrategy, Action, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tagsfree, html, new, online, Unity, web, Zombies


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Can you please add the following?

-More weapons

-Better spawning for zombies (maybe they appear in a visible room)

-Downloadable Version (I play on mac)

Hopefully u get back to me

-Mj Farquhar